Let’s talk about fast food chains for a moment shall we? You know those places where you are presented with a long list of items on the menu that all seem delicious and so tempting to try? Well, these places sure deliver big food flavor hits every time. However, with so many offerings on a single menu, how are you supposed to make sense of what it all means? That’s where this fast food chain review comes in handy.

When you visit any Panda Express place, you are presented with over 16 entree choices and you need to be smart about this – especially if you intend to follow it strictly for keto and low carb diets. Pro tip #1: Anything with the word sweet in it from the entree range is not really keto friendly. Instead, they are loaded with lots of calories and carbohydrates which lead to a huge weight gain. So, instead, go for something like the buffalo chicken salad which is very tasty and easy to make at home even without the extra calories from the dressing.

Even though Panda Express serves salads, the buffalo chicken salad lives to serve as a great example of healthy eating while still maintaining that craving for that authentic American taste. The recipe starts with a half a cup of chopped, thinly sliced buffalo chicken, a cup of tomato sauce, a half a cup of skim milk, one slice of softened cream cheese and a whole half of a medium-sized avocado. Start off with the buffalo chicken salad and mix together using a fork until the ingredients combine well. Then, add another half a cup of tomato sauce, a quarter of a cup of skim milk, one fourth of a cup of mixed green salad greens and two thirds of a cup of lightly steamed baby peas.

At this point, the Keto Panda Express definitely scores points with the kids because of its ability to satisfy their cravings at an affordable cost. The creamy soup is loaded with protein, so there’s no need for you to worry about your kid getting too big on the pasta. Plus, the spinach dip is extremely tasty and goes great with the beans and macaroni salad. You can also use this dip to boost the mac and cheese omelet into a complete meal. The only thing better than adding cream cheese to omelets is serving it with fresh spinach. That’s why this dip is definitely worth checking out as a set recipe favorite.

For people who want a lighter side dish, they can also try the grilled chicken with broccoli florets. You can top this with low carb whipped cream and low carb barbecue sauce. However, if you really want to go all out, then you can go for the chocolate BBQ sauce. It’s actually quite tasty, considering that chocolate doesn’t have much acid so it’s not prone to oxidizing. A nice addition to this dish is the pineapple salsa, which is loaded with crunchy pineapple chunks.

If you’re looking for a nice compromise between these two entrees, then you can get the Smoked Salmon coupled with mixed vegetables. This is a very tasty dish that pairs well with mixed vegetables and even has some healthy carbohydrates in the mixed vegetables for good measure. The Smoked salmon has been enhanced by having the oil added to it. In fact, this may be the ultimate low carb recipe for your list as you only have five grams of net carbs with this one. So, go for this Smoked Salmon coupled with mixed vegetables for a satisfying entree that fits well into any diet.