Have you ever walked into a Panda Express and saw a long line outside of the cashier to buy an order of fried chicken? If so, did you ask yourself why do people get such large portions when ordering food? If so, then maybe you should learn how to order your food at a Panda Express while dieting.

You see, ordering food at these places is really not that hard. The reason you see lines for the chicken salad is because people have ordered too much of it and the employees can’t handle the extra traffic. What ordered normally at a Panda Express location is presented to you instantly, and you’ll need to be smart about this especially if you plan to stay on a low carb diet. Pro tip #1: anything that contains the word sweet in it is probably not good for a low carb diet. Pro tip #2: Any chicken that is lower in fat is better than chicken that is higher in fat since the fat content of chicken is more than 10%.

The two most popular entrees at a Panda Express are their spicy Thai chicken and their Hawaiian themed Caesar salad. Both entrees are very tasty. In fact, I would say they are easily beatable by other entrees in the same price range. However, if you really want to stay on a keto diet, I would definitely recommend going with the Thai chicken. The only thing I would change about this entree is to use a low carb sauce to dip your chicken in.

Although both entrees are delicious, I recommend saving the Hawaiian salad for last. This Hawaiian salad has mixed vegetables in it and therefore, very little (if any) carbohydrates. Since mixed vegetables have less carbs than actual vegetables, this definitely is one of the best meals on the Keto Panda Express if you are looking to lose some weight. Typically, a meal consisting of mixed vegetables such as this has about 9 grams of carbohydrates, so this definitely is not a meal that will have you reaching for sugar.

The prices on the meals at the Keto Panda Express do vary depending on what foods you order. Sometimes, you can even get special diets if you order some of their salads. However, regardless of how much you pay for any given meal, you will definitely be saving money and counting these Keto Bean treats as carbs when you come to count those carbs later on. Counting these treats as carbs can help you stick to your diet if you are counting the carbs in your daily diet.

Last but not least, the Keto Panda Express also has several entrees that are vegan and vegetarian. Some of the entrees have pasta which has less than two grams of carbs, and other entrees have buffalo wild wings that are just under two grams. If you like buffalo wings, this definitely is not the place for you to eat them. However, if buffalo wild wings are what you are craving and you do not care about counting your carbs, this is definitely a good option for you. Make sure you check out all the entrees before you make your final decision about the Keto Panda Express.