This review is on the popularized Keto Panda Express. I’ve used this product in the past and it’s always been a hit wherever I go. Everyone that uses this product loves the fact that they get to eat delicious food while still shedding unwanted pounds. So lets get to my review of the popularized Keto Panda Express!


The first thing you need to know about this is that it only has 4 actual items that are the main ingredients of the Keto Panda Express. These are Chicken, Creamy Cheddar Crab Rangoons, Wild wings, and Creamy Pea Fresca. As you could probably guess, none of them are actually keto friendly by any means. Still, you can’t have any of these at a party without some problem. In fact, you can’t have any of these at a party without running into trouble with the authorities.

The Keto Panda Express is primarily sold as a chicken casserole. What makes this casserole so Keto friendly? Well, the ingredients of the casserole all fall under the category of ”meals that are acceptable for both diabetic and non-diabetic”. This includes both high and low carb ingredients, which many people who are not even aware of don’t eat. So even if you’re not a diabetic, you should still be able to enjoy this fantastic casserole because it doesn’t count as a carb or low carb meal.

The next ingredient that makes the Keto Panda Express to friendly meals acceptable for both diabetics and non-diabetics is the inclusion of rice. Since rice isn’t a carbohydrate, it helps the food stay in shape much better than other carbohydrates do. This is why rice is included with almost every diet panda express. This means that you can include this vegetable in the same way that you include pasta in your meals and still keep the food out of your reach of a diabetic.

The last ingredient that makes the Keto Panda Express keto diet meal acceptable is protein. The protein doesn’t come from any source, as it is a natural vegetable, but it comes from tofu. This means that you can have the protein from tofu, which has been proven to help diabetics avoid the sugar in sugary foods, without counting those grams of protein in the meal. In addition, adding soy sauce to the dinner ensures that you get more protein out of your meal and thus won’t get too hungry during the entire meal.

This is actually part of the secret recipe that is used by the founders of the Keto Panda Express. They mix in a few frozen green beans and some low-fat cheddar cheese for a tasty, wholesome meal. As with the rice, tofu is also a vegetarian friendly protein, so you don’t need to worry about the carbon footprint of a meat-based meal. Finally, the smoothie king of vegetables makes the meal just a little bit more interesting. As the secret recipe calls for, it is made from a combination of leafy greens and low-fat milk. It is high in potassium, magnesium, and protein and therefore serves as a healthy alternative to the traditional smoothie.