Most people think that healthy Indian foods cannot be raw. The thought of mixing raw vegetables and fruits in spicy sauces would make them gag. But actually, the answer is yes. Yes, there are many healthy Indian dishes that are not only easy to prepare but also healthy. Just because they are cooked, does not mean that the nutrients that they contain are not nutritious.

Many westerners tend to believe that Indian culture is one dominated by spicy food. But this is far from the truth. In fact, a large number of Indians are extremely health conscious and eat healthy Indian food for a variety of reasons. It may be because of the western influence over their lifestyle or for other reasons but it is true that many Indians have adapted western cooking styles and eating habits. And as a result, many of the western health benefits of eating healthy Indian food are getting transferred into the cuisine.

Probably the most popular of the healthy Indian meals is that of curd. It is curd that is made by blending yogurt, milk, turmeric, salt, sugar and various herbs like fennel, cardamom, coriander etc. The consistency of this curd is very thin and it gives the dish a creamy texture. This is the most commonly used ingredient in many Indian curries and has many health benefits associated with it.

The next most popular ingredient in Indian cuisine is fat. Fats are a must in any Indian home-made meal. Is it a chicken or a lamb, sauteed or roasted, fat is the agent that makes the food delicious. And the more healthy the fat content of the meal the better it is for you.

Spices are also very important in Indian cooking. And now you will find a host of spices in the home-recipes. From mustard seeds to cumin, cardamom, ginger powder, turmeric, garlic and even ground pepper, all these spices are extremely important in Indian cooking and have their own significance in the Indian cuisine.

And yet another reason for all the hype about curd and yogurt is the popularity of many Indian dishes prepared with fried chips. A juicy piece of Raita, a spicy and slightly sweet pancake is best eaten with a bowl of curd and chutney. You can add any other spice or flavor into Raita, be it cinnamon or chocolate or anything else. But for me, faith is my favorite way to eat a bowl of sweet and spicy chutney – the ultimate comfort food!