You must be wondering what is so special about the Panda Express when you’re looking for a fast food restaurant for a family outing. What should you look for to ensure that it is indeed a great dining experience for your family? Let’s take a look at some of the features that make this a wonderful place for people to enjoy their meals.

Main Menu Comparison. The greatest strength of Panda Express lies primarily in their innovative and streamlined menu minimization and customization. There are only 4 main categories of dishes: Appsetizers, Meals, Sides, and Desserts. They also make it really easy to order in just 4 steps:

The Standard Conversions. The panda express at pandas (which is what the brand is called) uses many familiar standard noodles and condiments, such as: noodles (we’re talking the customary Chinese noodles here), beef, seafood, chicken, vegetables (in the form of kimchi), and fruit (there’s almost an entire category of them). It’s actually quite amazing to think that the panda express to friendly meals use all these familiar standard meals, but it truly does show the dedication of the management to provide a truly keto friendly meal. As one can imagine, the company takes its dedication to providing dieters with truly low carb noodles seriously. Their noodles are also very thin, which is another factor in the success of this brand.

Placement of Entrees. The Panda Express menu has been optimized to make it easier for dieters to manage their portion sizes. They have integrated the concept of the big plate and made it possible to have the right portion size of each dish. This makes feeding a cat a lot easier than before. Also, due to the smaller portions, the entrees are also coming in smaller portions which makes food budgeting a whole lot easier when going on a keto diet.

More Options in Entrees. Since the Panda Express is such a key friendly meal, it also supports several other options like pasta, sushi, stir-fries, and even dessert. Each one of these entrees provides about 100 calories and has just five grams or less of saturated fat, four grams or less of sugar, and no trans fats. Due to the combined effect of these factors, the entrees provide about twice the amount of calories of traditional entrees, but don’t provide nearly as many grams of fat.

Meals in a Box. One of the real reasons the Panda Express is so successful is because they combine the best elements of entrees into one handy package. For example, instead of having to open a bunch of foil packets, the package includes all of the food itself, as well as some easy to eat measuring spoons to measure the amounts of mixed vegetables. This not only makes preparing the meals a breeze, but also provides a neat way to get your daily serving of vegetables.