Many people think that healthy Indian food is just plain tasting and colorful. Technically, the answer would be yes. But the healthy ingredients present in Indian cuisine, provide a wide variety of health benefits. For centuries, dieticians and experts have attempted to make it all sound so easy; yet, it is never that simple. Just look at any traditional Indian meal, and you will see that each dish is rich in nutrients from the spices and herbs, to the meat and vegetables, to the beverage that completes the meal.

The ingredients used in Indian cuisines are first locally available and then are sourced from far and wide. While preparing a typical Indian cuisine, we can find exotic herbs and spices from the Himalayas, and Middle East. These spices and ingredients, add to the uniqueness of Indian foods and can either make it delicious, or unhealthy depending on the mixture. But regardless of whether it is healthy Indian food or not, it is good to know that these ingredients are sourced from some of the healthiest countries in the world.

The main ingredient that plays a crucial role in any Indian meal is rice. Rice is a complete food itself and can be added with any other type of food as well. Spices are also used to give a different flavor and aroma to the rice. But for true taste, you should avoid rice without adding any other spice, like black pepper or cardamom. There are a lot of variations of Indian dishes, but samosas and naan remain the most popular. Samosas are deep fried thin discs of rice and are generally served along with steamed rice.

Another popular dish in India is Basmati rice. It is rice cooked in a special cashew nut dish. It is one of the most delicious vegetarian recipes in the world, and it can keep you full for hours. It is made of black basmati rice, which is a very high in calorie content. Although it may look like a big number of calories, a portion of which you will probably consume, nevertheless, will not exceed your daily requirement.

If you love your vegetables, and especially your rice, then you should try the mildly flavored Papadoms. There are different tastes available for Papadoms, and you can choose one that fits your taste buds best. Sometimes these dishes are even served with meat and are called Tandoori Meals. If you are on a diet, then you can try having a combination of Tandoori Meals and Basmati Rice, which are considered the healthiest Indian foods today.

In conclusion, please do remember that not all Indian dishes contain spicy components. You must be able to experiment and enjoy good quality food if you have the desire to live a healthy life. Start experimenting now! You may even discover that you will love some of the health benefits from this type of food that many traditional Indian dishes offer.