Many people ask this question: Can Indian Food Be Healthy? Technically, yes. But the minute ingredients are mentioned, the nutritious value comes into focus. For centuries, dieticians and health experts have tried their best to make it that way; Make your plate colourful. But then, it is never that simple.

The Indian way of cooking food includes rice as the main staple. Rice is one of the oldest types of grains consumed in India. But not just for making rice, you will find an almost infinite number of delicious dishes. Some examples of healthy Indian foods include steamed rice, which is an absolute favorite in north, east and south Indian cuisine. In north, it goes with rice and gravy while in south, it goes with spicy mustard and coconut. So there are endless combinations that can suit every palette.

Another popular healthy Indian foods are legumes – black beans and kidney beans being two of them. But the list is not complete without mentioning the famous beans-havech (vegetarian), chickpeas, etc., which are also a great source of protein. The best thing about legumes is that they can be eaten on a daily basis; unlike so many other foods. And that makes them very good for weight loss, as well as for keeping the metabolism going and boosting the immune system.

One of the main ingredients of Indian diet is rice. And when talking about the kind of food we eat, don’t talk about only the tastiest, most relished variety – Makhani. The word ’makhani’ actually means rice cooked in butter. But that does not mean that you should totally drop all ideas about healthy Indian foods and start eating junk food. The main thing to note is that you use more fibrous content (in the form of rice) than you take.

Grains and beans are used in abundance in the traditional south Indian meals. But to keep the calorie count down, you can make use of more rice and wheat flour. So the dishes are much healthier than those heavy on the calories. If you are looking to eat healthier, then you must try out fried food. This is because fried food helps you in reducing the calories in your body by reducing the oil consumption.

In north, on the other hand, vegetables form an important part of the diet, but the consumption is very limited. Fruits, on the other hand, are eaten by all sections of Indians and are one of the main sources of nutrients, especially vitamins. Thus, fruits and vegetables are also included in healthy Indian foods. You just need to eat them in appropriate proportions.