Indian cuisine is famous for healthy Indian food and a variety of dishes, but are they healthy? The answer is, ”it depends”. You have to look at various aspects in a dish and decide whether it is good for you or not. There are three different ways in which an Indian dish can be healthy:

Avoid rice/stir fried items: Rice/stir fried items should always be avoided if you are on a diet. It causes obesity due to high calorie content and excessive salt present in it. South Indian food is full of vegetables and a variety of rice products (ie basmati, chana dal, etc) apart from rice, which is the most common food item in north India. Avoiding rice/stir fried items greatly reduces the intake of calories and thus helps you lose weight.

Use more fruits: Most south Indian food items are high in fat and calories. So if you want to lose weight, you will have to take care of this aspect of your diet. If you are following an American diet, you need to make a conscious effort to use more fruit and vegetables. In the south Indian tradition, people like to eat black seeds (maangrati) mixed with yogurt and olive oil (makhani). This makes the dish healthier and also reduces the consumption of calorie and salt.

Add more spices to your dishes: Indians are world known lovers of spices. Most of the dishes that we eat in India are spiced, and the spices add a flavor to the food that our non-Indian counterparts do not enjoy. Therefore, the more spices you add in your dish, the more health benefits you get. But watch out for the high calorie/salt content. The best way is to limit the amount of salt and calorie you take in with every meal.

Use more ghee: Ghee or butter is the clarified butter from clarified coconut oil. It is healthy fat that adds flavor to your food without increasing the calorie intake. Indians love to eat more ghee on their food, and for this reason the use of clarified ghee is a good option when cooking for non-vegetarians.

To cook Indian curries, use the clarified ghee. If you want to cook other food with ghee, you can just stir fry the food instead of adding it to the marinade or the main ingredient of the dish. Indian cuisine is rich in spices and ghee. You can have the same taste of Indian cuisine with the help of ghee and spices. Use ghee to cook your favorite Indian dishes and be assured of healthy Indian food.