When you are looking for healthy Indian recipes, there is a variety of healthy ingredients that work very well in Indian cooking. Beans, pulses, and even lentils are some of the healthiest, Indian foods around! They’re not just loaded with protein but packed with iron as well. Lentils and peas are a good source of iron for vegetarians and vegans as they can’t eat animal meat. That’s just one more reason to try Indian recipes with these healthy ingredients in them. You’ll get all the protein your body needs without eating unhealthy red meat or heavy, fatty sauces.


Rice is another delicious ingredient in healthy Indian foods. Even better than rice is creamy coconut milk, which you’ll need to cook the rice with. A delicious dairy based dish is ’Dosa’ (which actually means dosha in Hindi), which is a mildly spiced and cooked rice dish made with chickpeas and cream. Coconut milk is added as a milk substitute and can replace yogurt in a lot of recipes. You can eat a dish like this every day if you want to lower your calorie intake without sacrificing flavor.

If you’re looking for Indian recipes with some extra kick, you should try tandoori chicken! Indian tandoori chicken is very spicy and typically served with masala chutney. It has lots of flavor and great amounts of calories. Tandoori chicken has an awesome texture and very little extra calories, making it one of the best tasting cuisines in the world.

Grilled wheat or rice is another popular option when looking for low-calorie Indian dishes. Grilled rice is lighter than traditional grains, which makes it a great substitute for the calorie-laden regular rice. You can make this dish with or without the added flavors of spices. It will definitely be less calories than stir-fried vegetables.

Last but not least, the famous Indian curries are also very low in fat and calories. The problem with traditional curries is that they are heavy in spices and oil, which make them extremely costly to purchase. Luckily, there are many Indian foods and recipes available on the web that make cooking Indian curries much easier than purchasing them from a store. These recipes are made with simple ingredients that are often already in your pantry or refrigerator and will only have a negligible affect on your waistline. They’re healthy Indian foods that can be enjoyed all year long, not just during the cold months.

If you haven’t tried traditional Indian cuisine yet, I urge you to do so. Traditional Indian foods are delicious and really hearty, making them a perfect fit for a cold day. Try making some of these dishes for your lunch or dinner meals. You will find them to be absolutely delicious, even if you do not opt for the vegetarian option. By changing up your traditional Indian recipes with healthier versions you can start improving your health in a big way.