WW International, Inc. (formerly Weight Watchers International, Inc.) is a network of companies promoting healthy lifestyles through weight management programs. The Worldwide Association of Personal Trainers is another part of WW’s organization. Worldwide is part of the alliance of companies promoting health, wellness, and fitness. WW has over one hundred thousand members.

One of the most popular tools used by weight watchers worldwide is their weight Watcher’s online food planner. Weight watchers online plan are basically online meal plans that you can customize to meet your specific needs. You can eat five, six or nine meals a day and take snacks in between meals. You can use your own recipes or those provided by the weight watchers’ online site. Each meal can have a recommended daily point amount and you are allowed up to sixteen snacks throughout the day.

Most weight watchers online meals use recipes that are easy to prepare. Some recipes are created for portion control, especially since they require you to count calories and fats, which make it easier to maintain a weight watchers’ diet. Other recipes, however, are designed with weight watchers in mind. These often call for canned foods, frozen and dry foods, and lean meats. You can find many weight watchers’ recipes that involve salads, grilled dishes, healthy sweets and desserts.

The Weight Watchers online program was developed to provide overweight individuals with an intensive support system that can help them make healthy lifestyle changes and attain their weight loss goals. Members learn about nutrition, physical exercise, weight loss safety tips, and diet recipes. Many weight online plan provides members with periodic emails with new information on weight loss tips and tricks. Some weight online programs are supported by sponsors. This means that you may receive special offers, like free diet coupons or food samples, along with your purchase of a membership. If you purchase the weight online program, you may also qualify for additional discounts or freebies.

One of the benefits of using Weight Watchers online program is that you will not have to attend any in-person meetings. Weight Watchers meetings are held at specific times and have specific agenda. Meeting minutes, agenda, and other pertinent information are provided online. If you have questions, you can always email the organization’s staff.

Each week, Weight Watchers tracks your weight points using Smart Points. Smart Points are weight loss reward points that you earn based on your total weight and the quality of your exercise. Once a week, you are able to log on to the Weight Watchers website and log in using your personal user name and password. Once logged in, you can access your weekly weight report and see your progress. You are then able to track your weekly progress and watch the points accumulate. Once your account reaches a certain threshold, Weight Watchers provides a bonus of either cash or gift cards.