Reddit, now the front page of the web. Nestled at the very centre of all of the social media s communities are an increasing number of fitness enthusiasts. The two most popular, active communities for fitness-minded members on the web are Reddit Fitness, both of which feature a thriving community of fitness enthusiasts exchanging tips, tricks and links on everything from how to get six pack abs to the latest scoop on finding the perfect workout partner. If you are one of these enthusiasts looking to find out how to use Reddit to help you achieve your goals then this article is for you.


When I first discovered Reddit I was confused. I had read that Reddit was a website that lets people ”subscribe” to any topic they so chose, and just like that I was subscribed to a bunch of different health and fitness threads. The thing that puzzled me though was the fact that I didn’t see any sort of statistics, or overview of who was visiting each of these blogs. So after some time spent trying to understand how to browse Reddit properly and figuring out what kind of content was interesting to me, I decided to devote a post I came across on Reddit and see what happened. What I found was quite surprising. Reddit actually allows you to see a breakdown of who is visiting each of their forums by day.

The Reddit Loseit app analyzes data from each of the Reddit Health and Fitness sub-communities. Each of these is broken down into their individual topic (i.e. weight loss) and then into the ”activity” component which break down user comments received during each week. This information, which you can also access by clicking on the Reddit logo in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, gives you an amazing new view of how the obesity discussion is currently flowing on the site. It also tells you who are visiting each of the forums, how many times, and the content that are being posted on the average.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that this information is 100% accurate because it’s not. It does, however, give you a great look at what is working and what is not working, which will allow you to make educated guesses about what might be working for you. In this case, based on my analysis, it seems that a relatively small percentage of posts received are actually receiving ”downvoted” – or deleted – on Reddit. These are the comments that are most likely to be deleted or ”dismissed”, and if you’re a creditor who hasn’t been active on the site for very long, you’ll probably want to avoid these kinds of comments.

But the thing is that those comments are actually useful. By analyzing the reddits activity on an individual basis, it becomes clear that there is a correlation between how many times a person posts and how many times they get downvoted. Therefore, we can say that those who post more often and receive feedback received in a better format, which is pretty much exactly what happens on Reddit. That’s why Reddit Loseit seems to be working for so many people.

What makes Reddit Loseit different than other similar programs is that it uses logistic regression to make the analysis much more robust, especially since it is a one-way relationship. In other words, we can say that it explains the high level of variance because of logistic regression, which allows us to control for the fact that people who post more receive less feedback, which is what really explains the low to medium level of variance. The resulting value comes from totient functions, which take the values of the predictor variable and the dependent variable and then combine them into one single rate. This gives us our statistical estimate of the probability that a person will be getting either a downvote or a compliment, depending on how they are receiving social feedback on their first posts. While these results do not prove anything conclusive, it certainly lends some credence to the idea that Reddit Loseit may indeed work for those who use it.